Limni Pier

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Limni Pier is a relic of Limni Mine, and was built to aid the transport of minerals from the pit face. A railway used to run along the pier to the end, where the ore would be unloaded.

Now it is home to occasional fishermen and swimmers. If you walk to the end of the pier there are some spectacular views of both the Polis shoreline and Paphos Forest. You can also see the burnt area above Argaka, which looks strangely beautiful in the sun. You can jump off the end of the pier to cool down. The water is quite deep, and your ears will tell you if you swim to the sandy bottom. There are an assortment of ladders to help you get back on to the pier. The ones at the side are quite slippery but fun for the more adventurous. The ones attached to the main body of the pier are more substantial and easier to use, though they were undergoing maintenance the last time I checked. You can also swim to the shore. However, if you do that, go slightly wide of the pier, as there are slimy rocks directly below the pier which make leaving the sea a bit hazardous.