Pantheon Hall

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We've always loved urban exploring - visiting abandoned old buildings - and Cyprus has more than its fair share, from old hotels to forgotten hospitals for disused mines. When we discovered the place we are about to show you though, we really hit the Urbex Jackpot. This place is amazing, and has a remarkably colourful past as well.

The premises opened originally in 2014. It was built without the proper planning permission and license, and was originally billed as: "FKK Sauna Club. Temple of Aphrodite. We are open from 8pm till 4am". After 5 months, it was raided by police, and the owner was charged with running a brothel. The case went to court and the owner threatened to publish the client list. This would allegedly have embarassed several high-ranking public figures. The owner was acquitted, due to lack of evidence. The building was then rebranded as a more traditional venue, and had a re-opening attended by the Arch Bishop of Cyprus. However, it looks like the bad name stuck, and the venue is currently in a state of decaying limbo.