Archaeological Park Attractions

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If you see nothing else on your visit to Paphos, you should visit the Archaeological Park. Since 1980, it has been on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and rightly so. It contains a wealth of places to explore and sites to see, but most people don’t get past the mosaics. With that in mind, we have produced a virtual tour of the park, which is published on our main Paphos Life site. However, that wasn't enough. Most of the 400+ images used in the tour were taken with our regular 360 camera. This is great for normal images, but when you really want to show something off, you may want something better. So we have invested in a higher resolution camera, which we used to take the images you see in this sample tour. When you are viewing the images, be sure to use the full screen facility, if you can. And also, don't be afraid to zoom in. These images have a lot more detail than our usual pictures and you can see details that were previously hidden.

For the full Archaeological Park tour, visit Paphos Life.

As this is a high resolution tour, the images may take slightly longer to load. So if you see a black screen please be patient.