You Need Panoramas!


They can showcase your business in a fun way, and give potential customers a better feel for what you have to offer. You may have a restaurant you are proud of, an apartment you want to promote, or a shop you want to entice people in to.

Panoramas are Great!

360° panoramas can help bring your product or website to life.
Prices from €50 for 3 Panoramas!

Panoramas Are Versatile!


Your panoramas will be available for download as image files which you can then upload to facebook or other social media platforms. For an additional cost we can also create a virtual tour like you can see on this site. The tours are hosted on fast servers and can be integrated into your own site with just a couple of lines of code. See our sample page for further details.

Show Me Some Samples!
Pictures showing panoramas being used on websites and facebook

Panoramas Are Affordable!


For €50 we will take 3 panoramas for you. Extra panoramas taken at the same session will cost €10 each. For an additional cost we can build a virtual tour which can be incorporated into your own website or shared via facebook etc.

Show Me The Full Price List!
Pictures showing panorama

What Are You Waiting For?


Ok, so you want some panoramas. What do you do now? Get in contact with us. Cyprus Panoramas is run by the same company that runs the Paphos Life website. So you can contact us using their online form:

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Alternatively, you can send an email to

You can also phone us on: +357 99091708

Finally, if you like throwing caution to the wind, you can even try sending us a message via Facebook. Please do bear in mind though, that by default Facebook won't necessarily notify us of your message, so if you don't get a response, try one of the other methods instead.

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